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Monde Sans Frontière is the logical result of a first association (European Cultural Alliance) create in 1972 by Mr and Mrs Sarkis. This structure had for objective to receive a German clientele. Arrived in 1981, the activity became too important for this structure, it is then that M.S.F. was create in 1982, a company with a capital of 7 600€. Nowadays, MSF is present in Paris, in Nice and has commercial branches in Peking, Shanghai, Moscow and Kiev, its capital was increased in 100 000€. The main office is situated in Paris, 9 street of the Delta, and considers about forty employees divided in seven departments : administrative, accounting, commercial, Russian market, Middle East, Chinese and Spanish, all these markets are subdivided themselves into two big parts: the groups and the individual.

Our long experience of a work in partnership with agents situated all over the world makes that we are at the same moment creative and pioneers in the services which we propose. Our team, experimented and bilingual about 35 persons speaking Russian, Chinese, Greek, Arab, Pakistani, Spaniard, Italian, German, Dutch, Hebrew, English and naturally, French! understands perfectly the needs of every customer and can answer it. With our main office in Paris and the second in Nice, we maintain a direct and daily contact with all our suppliers and propose fast, flexible services and at very competitive rates. At M.S.F., we also think that relations based on the long term are important. Our team is always ready to answer all the questions that you could have concerning our services and we very sincerely hope to have, in the near future, of your news.